SBR Red Sheet Pack Rubber


Our SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) is an economical non-oil compound that resists flow under compression. This product offers moderate to good performance against low pressure with good aging, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. SBR  sheet is recommended for low pressure applications such as washers and gaskets for the heating and plumbing trades.This low cost flange gasket material easily conforms to uneven flange surfaces.
Width: 36”
Durometer: 70+5
Typical Tensile Strength: 400
Typical Temperature Range: -22℉ to 158℉
Weight per Linear Foot: Approx. 3;5 lbs./1/8” thick
Finish: Plate


Thickness Roll Length Price Per
    Yard-Full Roll Cut Yard
1/16” 67’ $9.75 $12.95
⅛” 36’ $17.85 $23.25
3/16” 36’ $28.65 $37.25
¼” 18’ $36.92 $55.30