PRF Rubber Stair Treads
One Piece Nose/Tread/ Riser

Activa PRF Rubber Tread

ACTiVA™ Rubber Stair Treads combine function with safety, durability and design. The one piece nose-tread/riser construction is unmatched for simple installation and performance. These treads have a long life without wearing, cracking or breaking. Manufactured with 100% synthetic virgin rubber(SBR) and the highest quality mineral aggregates, pigments and stabilizing agents. Specific patterns provide a high level of noise abatement. ACTiVA™ Rubber Stair Treads are used in schools, department stores, airports, walkways, industrial, commercial and industrial buildings.
All ACTiVA™ Rubber Stair Treads are available with SAFESTEP, an adhesive grit strip imbedded in the rubber. SAFESTEP complies with California Standard Title 24 for the visually impaired and applications where additional traction is required. These treads adhere with Step-Tape™ or EP3!00 Epoxy Advesive.
Sizes: 4’ 5’ 6’
Thickness: 0.2”, 5mm
Colors: Black, Steel, Slate, Denim, Iron, Stone, Teal, Cherry

Activa complete sytemt


Standard Length Price per Tread Price per Tread Matching BJ Tile Price per Tile EP3100 Epoxy Adhesive per Unit Step-Tape™ Roll Adhesive Price per Roll
36” $44.85 w/Safestep w/Safestep VI 39.37” x 39.37” $60.02 $78.50 6” x 108’ $79.50
48” $59.50 Please call for pricing       9” x 108’ $111.10
72” $89.70