Stainless Steel | Brass Studded Rubber Tiles

rubber studded tiles. stainless steel and brass studded tiles

Stainless Steel | Brass Studded Rubber Tiles offers a modern high tech appearance. This tile is noted for tough-as-nails resistance. Additionally, these black tiles are available with either stainless steel or brass studs. In addition, product is excellent for use in heavy weight bearing areas, elevators and entrance ways.

Size: 12” x 12” x 1/8”
Formulation: Tiles punched to accept reinforcement studs of either stainless steel or brass.
Colors: Black

  Price per Tile
  1-50 Tiles 51-100 100+ Tiles
Stainless Steel $26.95 $25.25 $23.95
Brass $27.95 $26.25 $24.95