Natural and Colored Latex Sheeting

Natural Latex Sheeting

Natural Latex Sheeting

Our Natural Latex Sheeting has numerous medical and industrial applications. This natural rubber sheeting offers high elasticity and high tensile strength. Further, the sheeting shows excellent compression set and high stretch recovery. In addition, resistance to alcohols, ketones, and organic acids is good. These properties make natural rubber an optimal material for a variety of applications. For example, repeated stretch and recovery or compression and recovery applications. Additionally, Natural Latex Sheeting is biodegradable and eco-friendly

Tensile strength: 4000 PSI
Roll Width: 42”
Ultimate Elongation:780%
Durometer: 40+5
Color: Amber

ThicknessCut yardFull roll x price per yard = Full roll
0.006$16.2550 yds x $14.63 = $731.25
0.008$17.5950 yds x $15.83 = $791.55
0.010$19.9550 yds x $17.96 = $897.75
0.012$21.5550 yds x $19.39 = $969.75
0.014$22.7550 yds x $20.48 = $1023.75
0.020$29.1023 yds x $26.19 = $602.37
0.025$32.0523 yds x $28.85 = $663.44
0.030$38.1023 yds x $34.29 = $788.67
0.040 (36" Wide)$49.9020 yds x $44.91 = $898.20

Colored Latex

Colored Latex Sheeting

Our Colored Latex Sheeting made from pure natural latex and is free from silicone and other additives. Manufactured with a glossy upside and roughened underside. Therefore, it ensures a high quality finish and good key for sticking. In conclusion, it offers excellent bonding properties and works with any standard latex glue. Above all, it meets medical standard requirements. In addition it matches or exceeds the specifications required for the fashion industry

Thickness : 0.50 mm (0.17″ – 0.20″)
Roll Width : 38″
Colors : Red, Sand, Mannequin, Atomic Tangerine, Metallic Petrol Blue, Black, White, Jade Green, Green, Lt Blue, Yellow, Orange, Baby Pink, Rose, Platinum, Peacock

Price ChartCut Yard*Call for quantity discounts