Multi-Mat II®/Reversible Drainage Mat

Multi Mat II

Multi-Mat II®/Reversible Drainage Mat from Teknor Apex, is available in general purpose Black, standard Brown and heavy-duty Red rubber compounds for varying degrees of grease and oil protection. The preformed holes provide a drainage system making this mat ideal for use in wet areas. This mat also has a non-skid surface for added traction. Multi-Mat II® is reversible for extended life and has a low profile for easy cart access.
Thickness: 3/8”
Available: 2’, 3’ and 4’ rolls in Black, Brown and oil resistant Red


  Price per PiecePrice per Piece*
Sheet: 3’ x 2’7.5 lbs.8.5 lbs.
Sheet: 3’ x 4’15.0 lbs17.0 lbs
Sheet 3’ x 8’30.0 lbs.43.0 lbs.
Roll: 2’ x 30’75.0 lbs.85.0 lbs.
Roll: 2’ x 60’150.0 lbs.170.0 lbs.
Roll: 3’ x 32’120.0 lbs.136.0 lbs.
Roll: 3’ x 64’240.0 lbs.272.0 lbs.
Roll: 4’ x 30’150.0 lbs.170.0 lbs.

*Updating. Please call.