Nos. 622 Half Diamond Design Heavy Duty and GS622 Grit-Strip Stair Treads
With Companion 624 Tile and 788 Tile

#622 Half Diaond

Our No. 622 Half Diamond Design Heavy Duty Rubber Stair Tread, an R.C. Musson Rubber Co., product,  offers an adjustable nose (square nose style) to fit pan filled, molded concrete or terrazzo steps. Ideal for use in commercial, industrial and office buildings. The diamond design (6” deep) covers the impact area of pedestrian traffic.
Thickness: 1/4″ at nosing; square nose
adjustable 90° to 60°; curved nose design
Depth: 12 1/2″
Standard Length: 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60 “, 72”
Colors:Available in Series I, II, and III.( Curved nose available only in Series I.) See below.

Color Serie I,II,III

GS 622

No. GS622 Grit-Strip Treads, offers two black* 3/4” wide abrasive grit-strips inlaid in tread 1” from front edge, spaced 3/4” apart. Grit strip treads are a mineral coated non-slip surface which helps grip foot traffic to prevent slipping.No. GS622VI Grit Strip Treads,  with one black* 2” wide abrasive grit-strip inlaid in tread, 1” from front edge,  is recommended for Visually Impaired.  Use in commercial, industrial or institutional buildings. Improve appearance, add safety and durability, lessen traffic noise in areas such as universities, schools, hospitals, banks, theaters, hotels, airports, restaurants, factories, malls; all heavily traveled stairways.
Diamond design surface is 6” deep, covers impact area of pedestrian traffic. Meets Federal Specs. RR-T-650E and ZZ-T-001237(GSA-FSS). Install with Musson #400 Neoprene Contact Adhesive, No.300 Water-based Contact Adhesive or #560 Rubber Flooring Adhesive; use #110 Epoxy Nose Caulk for longer wear and added safety.

Thickness: 1/4″ at nosing; Square Nose adjustable 90° to 60° or Curved Nose design
Depth: 12 1/2″
Standard Length: 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60 “, 72”
Solid colors: Plain Black
Marbleized colors: See Color Series II above.
Curved Nose available only in Color Series I above.
*Grit Strip inserts are also available in Brown, Gray, Beige, Safety Yellow or Safety Red at an extra cost.

624 diamond tile

Our No.624 Diamond Tile is the companion for our  No. 622 Half Diamond Design Heavy Duty Rubber Stair Tread. Diamond pattern design rubber floor tile, continuous field design, factory cut 24” x 24” tile; easily and quickly installed. Ideal for stair landings, entryways, hallways, lobbies, elevators, ramps, concession stands and vending machines; any heavy traffic area. Diamond design pattern matches diamond design stair treads in color, similar design. Install with marbleization in one direction. Install with Musson No. 775 Epoxy Adhesive or No. 560 Rubber Flooring Adhesive.

Standard Length Price per Tread #622 Price per Tread #GS622 or #GS622VI Standard Tile Price per Tile
36” $44.40 $51.10 24″ x 24″ $53.55
42” $51.80 $59.60    
48” $59.20 $68.12    
54” $66.59 $76.62    
60” $73.98 $85.15    
72” $88.77 $102.15