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tds tdhs ventilation hose, hi-tech duravent ventilation hose.

Hi-Tech Duravent TDS TDHS Ventilation hose is ideal for ventilation purposes. Handling cold or hot air, dust collection and exhausting mildly abrasive items. This Ventilation hose is flexible and durable, making it easy to handle. Available in one ply (TDS) or two ply (TDHS). Also flame retardant to UL94V-0 Standards. Comes in standard lengths of 25 feet and I.D. sizes from 3″ to 12″.

Applications for the TDS TDHS Ventilation Hose :
• Cold/Hot air handling and ventilation systems
• Ducts for dust collection systems
• Exhausting of mildly abrasive items, such as wood chips

• Ideal where dragging is involved
• Offered in one ply (TDS) or two ply (TDHS)
• Flexible and durable
• Easy handling
• Excellent dollar value
• Flame retardant to UL94V-0 standards

Construction: Covered and lined with flame resistant nylon fabric materials, vinyl coated on both sides and formed into tubing with overlapping piles enclosing a spring steel wire helix.

Colors: Both Type TDS (1-ply black) and Type TDHS (2-ply black)
have highly visible orange vinyl scuff strips.

Length: 25’

Sizes: 3” to 12”

  Price per Length*
3” $5.32 $6.08
3 ½” $5.71 $6.73
4” $5.99 $7.30
5” $6.75 $8.32
6” $7.35 $8.80
7” $8.08 $10.14
8” $9.04 $11.60
10” $11.48 $13.75
12” $13.87 $16.70

*Cut lengths-5’ minimum, 5’ intervals-Plus 20%, Check availability.
Additional discounts available  for larger quantities. Also Checkout our other ventilation hoses!

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