Clearbraid K3150 Series RF
Standard Wall PVC Food & Beverage Hose

Reinforced clear vinyl tubing

Clearbraid is a lightweight standard wall crystal clear yarn reinforced hose for a wide variety of food and beverage applications.

Food and beverage dispensing
Deionized water
Liquid food products
Air and water lines
Powdered food products
Potable water transfer
Air breathing lines
Pneumatic lines
Packaging machines
Constructed with non-toxic compounds
NSF-51 and NSF-61 certified material
Crystal clear-allows visual confirmation of product flow
Longitudinally-reinforced to reduce elongation under pressure
Crystal clear PVC compound, formulated with ingredients in compliance with applicable FDA requirements.
Meets USDA <3A, NSF, UL, RoHS and USP Class V1 criteria.
Reinforced with spiraled polyester yarn and longitudinal orange tracer yarns for identification.
Temperature range: 25℉ to 150℉
Color: Clear


  Price per LengthPrice per 100’ x Coil Length
I.D.Working Pressure @70℉10’25’50’100’200’300’
3/16”250 $12.05$18.70$29.58 $28.10
¼”250 $13.30$20.60$32.60 $30.97
5/16”250 $16.05$24.90$39.36 $37.39
⅜”225 $19.25$29.95$47.30 $44.95
½”200 $24.70$38.35$60.63 $57.60
⅝”200 $34.59$53.70$84.90$80.65 
1 ¼”100$30.55$72.75$138.60$264.00  
1 ½”100$38.31$91.25$173.75$331.00