PVC Strip Curtains

pvc strip curtains. buy per foot or rolls in many colors. pvc vinyl Strip curtain rolls

Our PVC Strip curtains material offers an economical solution to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental condition such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dust and drafts.
All “see-thru” PVC Strip curtains materials have outstanding transparent qualities. Visual distortion is nearly non-existent giving these PVC products a definite advantage when it comes to safety.
In addition to the “see-thru” quality of our transparent material, all of our PVC strip and sheet products are flame resistant compounds and extruded with rounded edges.

Dimensions :
Thickness :
Width : 8″
Roll length : 300′

Colors and their application guide :

Clear: Standard compound offering low temperature and anti-static properties to meet a wide variety of uses such as doorways, curtains and partitioning devices.

Insect Yellow: These strip curtains are special in a manner that prevents insect entry by reducing their attraction to UV lights. Insect yellow strips also block UV radiation, making them useful in applications besides insect control.

Orange Safety: A useful and effective safety tool. These PVC help to maximize workflow as the bright orange color makes them easily identifiable.

Crimson Red: A colorful addition to available color options. Ideal for border use or complete area coverage.

Sky Blue: A lighter version of Ocean Blue, allowing for a more transparent barrier.

Frosty Translucent Clear: Frosty Translucent Clear is semitransparent PVC that provides privacy while allowing light to pass through. The strips can withstand temperature between 0°F to 150°F. Frosty Translucent Clear strips can be used for strip doors, room partitions or as partial privacy barriers.

Charcoal: Charcoal PVC strips have a gray tint and are commonly used in security applications. This product provides more privacy and less visibility than standard clear PVC strips.

Flat Black Standard: Our Black Standard strips that can be used to create a non-transparent, completely private barrier. Common usage include secure areas such as conveyor belts, airports and other rooms where privacy is a primary concern. Restricts viewing but people and objects can pass through with ease.

Dark Green: Our Dark Green strip offers a material that protects against the harmful UV rays omitted during arc welding processes. This material is approved by OSHA for use as a weld screen (proper eye protection required).

Ocean Blue: Our Flat Blue strips offer a unique alternative to more common PVC strip doors. Blue PVC strips are effective at reducing the infiltration of light and also provide greater amounts of privacy than clear strip doors.

Price Per Foot
1-99100+300 Roll