Nos. 700 and 750 Smooth Flat Surface Stair Treads

700 & 750

The Nos. 700 and 750 Smooth Flat Surface Stair Treads, by R.C. Musson Rubber Co., offer long wear and interior noise reduction. Square or curved nose design will fit all staircases. No. 700 Treads are installed where heavy duty applications are needed. No. 750 Treads are installed for service weight applications. These treads are offered in marbleized colors, which show less wear. Treads have a sanded back for better adhesion and are available with grit strips. All treads meet Flame Spread Rating of 75 or less using ASTM-E-84 Test. These treads are installed in office buildings, commercial and industrial settings, using Musson No. 400 Neoprene Contact, No. 300 Water-base Contact Adhesive or No. 560 Rubber Flooring adhesive.
Thickness: No. 700 5/16”- square nose or curved nose
No. 750 3/16”-square nose only
Standard Sizes: 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72”
Colors: No. 700 See Color Series I below.
No. 750 See Color Series I or II below.

Series I, II

Both Service and Heavy weight treads are available with 2, 3/4” Grit Strips, or 1, 2” Grit Strip for the visually impaired. Abrasive mineral coated Grit-Strips recessed the length of tread at impact area. Helps prevent slipping. Flat surface Grit-Strip treads offer long wear; easy cleaning; reduce noise. Meets Flame Spread Rating of 75 or less using ASTM-E-84 Test. All treads have a sanded back for better adhesion; contains no asbestos.
Grit Strip inserts are also available in Safety Yellow, Safety Red, Gray, Brown, Beige or White Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) for an additional cost.


Standard LengthPrice per Thread 3/16” Thickness Service Weight Price per 5/16” Thickness Heavy Duty
 #750#250 w/2 #250 VI w/1 #700#200 w/2#200VI w/1
  ¾” Strips2” Strip  ¾” Strips2” Strip
36”$34.36$40.95 $50.49$57.00
42”$40.15$47.75 $58.90$66.65
48”$45.85$54.65 $67.35$76.15
54”$51.60$61.50 $75.75$85.65
60”$57.35$68.25 $84.15$95.15
72”$68.79$81.95 $100.98$114.25