Hi-Tech Duravent Vac-U-Lok® Hose


Vac-U-Lok® Hose is an economical, highly resilient product especially suitable for use where it might be deformed temporarily by crushing or severe kinking. This hose can be used at low positive or negative pressures for handling air, dust, water, selected liquids and light materials. Vac-U-Lok® Hose is resistant to chemical stress-cracking with many commercial solutions. Vac-U-Lok® Hose is an interlocked flexible EVA hose with a non-wire self-supporting construction. Typical applications include commercial vacuum cleaners, swimming pool vacuum cleaning, car wash cleaning installations and insulation blowing.


I.D. Standard Length Price per Foot Length End Cuffs
1 ¼” 50’ $1.85 $2.25
1 ½” 50’ $1.99 $2.50
2” 50’ $2.65 $2.98
2 ½” 50’ $3.70 $3.50
3” 25’ $4.20 $4.60